• AGL Discs - Swirly Alpine Cedars 170-172g


    We have our latest run of SWIRLY Alpine Cedars. The colors vary from eggplant to blue to green. They all have intense swirls and each has a unique stamp to accentuate the disc colors. This stamp marks the start of a collaboration between Sew Fly Originals and AGL Discs! 

    The AGL Discs Cedar is an overstable distance driver which came onto the scene in March of 2020. The Cedar was molded to replace their very first disc, the now out-of-production Cypress distance driver. The Cedar is perfect for big arms, headwinds, or whenever you need a disc you can count on to finish left for a right-hand backhand throw. With flight numbers which rate at 11/5/0/3, this disc is long but predictable. The Cedar is the flagship driver in the AGL lineup, two notches faster than the speed 9 Locust. Those who remember the Cypress will find that the Cedar fits nicely into the hole left in the bag when the cypress went out of production. Take your distance game Above Ground Level and bag your Cedar today.


    As always we appreciate everyone's support and patience. The disc you see is NOT the disc you will get. If you have weight preferences, please place them in the notes section upon checkout. For color options, you can choose a stamp color from the drop-down menu at checkout.